Small Animal Services

Preventative Care and Wellness Exams

Every appointment starts with a through physical exam of your pet. Our doctors will spend time to listen to your pet’s heart and lungs as well as look for any abnormalities in your pets mouth, eyes, ears, skin, or abdomen. A complete physical exam is key to detecting any medical issues that may be occurring with your pet. We recommend annual exams for all pets and semi-annual exams for elderly pets.


Our pet’s dental health is important to their overall health and pets need dental care just as humans need dental care. Periodontal disease can lead to complications elsewhere in the body as well as cause your pet pain and difficulty when eating or drinking. We offer dental check-ups, dental scaling and cleaning, as well as guidance on how to prevent dental disease in your pet.

Geriatric Care

As pets age, their medicals needs often change. We are committed to helping your pet live a long and happy life. We offer many theraputic options for commons disease processes related to aging such as osteoarthritis, skin disease, and endocrine disorders.


Nothing is worse than a pet who is constantly itching and uncomfortable. We offer dermatology work-ups which include tests for many common skin diseases/conditions. W&W Veterinary Services works closely with the diagnostic laboratory to ensure that the proper diagnosis for your pet is obtained.

General Surgery

We offer routine surgical procedures such as spaying, neutering, and mass removals. We also offer non- routine and emergency surgeries in house. Specialized surgical procedures can be referred to a local clinic where board-certified surgeons will perform the procedure.

Emergency Care

No owner plans on having an emergency but sometimes accidents happen or your pet becomes ill after normal business hours. We offer emergency services after hours where we will work to stabilize your pet and provide the best care and comfort possible.