Equine & Food Animal

Equine General Wellness and Health

Horses require constant maintenance and preventive health care. We will work closely with owners and farm managers to design a vaccine + health protocols or carry out a plan already established. We believe that prevention is the best medicine and annual exams are recommended. We perform all standard services such as vaccines, coggins testing, health certification, and pre-purchase exams.

Equine Reproduction and Neonatal Medicine

We offer pregnancy palpation, brood mare management consultations, and brood mare care. We will work hard to ensure you meet your breeding goals as well as care for the foals once they are on the ground. Neonatal care and consultation is available.

Equine Sports Medicine

Equine athletes require special care and attention. We will work with you and your horse to diagnose and treat any lameness or issues that might be occurring under saddle.

Equine Emergency

We are available 24 hours a day for equine emergency calls. These emergencies include but are not limited to, colics, chokes, lacerations, laminitis, sudden severe lameness, eye injuries, diarrhea, and foaling/ foal related emergencies.

Food Animal Herd Check and Palpation

Pregnancy diagnosis is always nice, but more importantly we try to figure out why one or several in the herd is open and develop a plan to increase your overall reproductive success.

Food Animal Pelvic Measuring and Reproduction Tract Scoring

Whether for an elite heifer sale or for keeping heifers for your own use pelvic measuring and reproductive tract scoring these heifers can be key for conception rates and a successful calving.

Feeder Calf Processing

Castrating, de-horning, de-worming, ear notching for BVD, branding, fly tagging, and vaccinations.

Herd Consulting

Disease outbreaks, low pregnancy rates, vaccine protocols, and many other herd solutions.

Bovine Surgery

C-Sections, eye removals, cosmetic dehorns, and many more.

Food Animal Emergency

We are available 24 hours a day for general large animal emergency calls.